Telugu Association of Greater Boston

Dance TAGB Dance - Dance Competitions live on stage

  • First Time Ever  -----  Dance competition live on the stage
  • Eligibility : Age 12+, groups of 4 or more participants
  • How this works:
  • Please select up to two film songs (medley- max 3 minutes)-(duplicates allowed between groups)
  • You choreograph and practice
  • Please send your songs (first-come-first-serve)
  • Register your spot. Only 10 entries will be chosen
  • Please choose the category "Dance TAGB Dance" from the drop down menu in the registration form.
  • Click here to register for "Dance TAGB Dance"
  • Perform on April 27th in front of TAGB audience
  • TAGB audience will be the judges with online voting (along with a subset of other judges)
  • First and second places will be announced and given prizes
  • Get your dance moves ready  

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