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Registrations open! 

Swara Jhari

TAGB is announcing “Swara Jhari” – Carnatic Classical Vocal Competitions by “Saastreeya KaLaa Vaibhavam Committee” of TAGB and welcoming ALL music lovers to take part in it.


St. Thyagaraja Compositions

The competitions will be conducted in 2 Categories: Solo and Group.

Group: Up to 4 contestants in each group.

Each performance will be limited to 5 minutes ONLY.  

Age groups:

Sub Juniors - 5 to 9 years

Juniors        - 10 to 15

Seniors       - 16 to 20 years

Adults        - 21 & above              

Guidelines for Solo & Group:

Sub juniors: This group will compete in Thyagaraja Utsava Sampradaya krithis & Thyagaraja Divyanaama sankeerathanams.  NO big Krithis for this level.

Juniors/Seniors/Adults: All types of Krithis. NO Utsava Sampradaya Krithis & Divyanaama Sankeerthanams.


Other Guidelaines:

·        All participants will be judged in krithi rendition, taaLam, gamakam, clarity, shruthi

·        The participants will be referred with a number.

·        There will be 3 judges. They will be given printed papers where they have to note the judgement.

·        Their personal details will not be disclosed to the judges.

·        Judges decision will be final

·        The results will be announced at the end of the competitions and prizes will be given on April 27th, during TAGB Ugadi Celebrations.

·        If time permits, the top participants will be asked to perform on the Stage on April 27th

·        There will be 3 prizes (First, Second, Third), 2 consolation prizes & 2 Excellent Performer Awards in each category. They will be given certificates & Medals

·        Entry Fee $10 for members and $15 for non-members. There will be no refunds after registration

·        Reporting time for the competition: 12:30 pm, April 14th, 2019

·        Any Questions? Contact Valli Amaravadi at (978)973-0206

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