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TAGB 'Swara Jhari' Classical Music Competitions

Participation Fee :
$10 Per Member
$0 Non - Members are not allowed

Registration Start Date: Mar 12th, 2019

Registration End Date: Apr 16th, 2019

Event Date: Apr 14th, 2019

Event Time : 12:30 PM

Venue : St Matthews United Methodist Church,
435 Central St,
Acton, MA 01720

Adult participants: please enter your name in both parent and participant name fields below. Read all guidelines/instructions below before registering.

Swara Jhari

TAGB is announcing “Swara Jhari” – Carnatic Classical Vocal Competitions by “Saastreeya KaLaa Vaibhavam Committee” of TAGB and welcoming ALL TAGB member families to take part in it.

Saint Tyagaraja Compositions

The competitions will be conducted in 2 Categories: Solo and Group.

Group: Up to 4 contestants in each group.

Each performance will be limited to 5 minutes ONLY.  

Age groups:

Sub Juniors  -          5 to 9 years

Juniors         –          10 to 15

Seniors        -          16 to 20 years

Adults         -           21 & above              

Guidelines for Solo & Group:

Sub juniors: This group will compete in Tyagaraja Utsava Sampradaya krithis & Tyagaraja Divyanaama sankeerathanams.  NO big Krithis for this level.

Juniors/Seniors/Adults: All types of Krithis. NO Utsava Sampradaya Krithis & Divyanaama Sankeerthanams. 

Other Guidelines:

·        All participants will be judged in krithi rendition, taaLam, gamakam, clarity, shruthi

·        The participants will be referred with a number.

·        There will be 3 judges. They will be given printed papers where they have to note the judgement.

·        Their personal details will not be disclosed to the judges.

·        Judges decision will be final

·        The results will be announced at the end of the competitions and prizes will be given on April 27th, during TAGB Ugadi Celebrations.

·        If time permits, the top participants will be asked to perform on the Stage on April 27th

·        There will be 3 prizes (First, Second, Third), 2 consolation prizes & 2 Excellent Performer Awards in each category. They will be given certificates & Medals

    Reporting time for the competition: 12:30 pm, April 14th, 2019   Entry Fee $10. There will be no refunds after registration. 

(These competitions are open for TAGB members only. If you are a non-member and want to participate in them, we strongly encourage you to become members for a nominal annual membership fee. This membership is good for the entire year and you can participate in other exciting cultural programs and competitions as well.)

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