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Vendor Table Registration

Registration Form:

Vendor First Name : *
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Please choose Table(s): 1 Table - $ 125.00 2 Tables - $ 200.00
Note: No more than two tables per vendor in an event.
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Please fill this Disclaimer document and bring it to the venue - Click here
Payment Amount :

Please contact TAGB Executive Team for more details: executive-committee@tagb.org

  • Please stick to the place allotted to you and do not make requests to change the location of your allotted table. TAGB would like to be fair to all and no vendor will be given preference over the other.
  • No food or drinks are allowed to sell in the stall at TAGB event venue.
  • If you have registered a table, please make sure you bring only items fit on a table. Please make sure that you do not require additional space.
  • If you prefer to bring clothes in racks, please be sure they will be substituting the tables and not additional to the table(s) you registered for.
  • If there is a space available in the venue, TAGB will try to fulfill your request

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