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TAGB Sankranthi 2020 Celebrations

Participation Fee :

Group of 2 or 3 or more (if accepted) :

$10 per Member
$15 per Non-member

Solo (if accepted):

$25 for Member
$45 for Non-member

Registration Start Date: Nov 25th, 2019

Registration End Date: Jan 13th, 2020

Event Date: Feb 01st, 2020

Event Time : 1:00 PM onwards

Venue : Bellingham High School
60 Blackstone Street
Bellingham, MA - 02019

Please read the registration rules/guidelines CAREFULLY before registering. The CULTURAL COMMITTEE’S DECISION IS FINAL in terms of the selection of the program. 


If you do not report on time for your program, you will forfeit your time slot and will not be accommodated in a later time slot in the program. Please note that due to very tight time constraints and in fairness to all the participants, TAGB will strictly enforce schedules and duration and will not make any exceptions in this regard.

TAGB Cultural committee is striving to attain high-quality and diverse programs. All incoming programs will be scrutinized for certain standards, mixture of different age groups and quality/variety of the program before acceptance. TAGB reserves the right to accept or not accept programs based on the below criteria.

  • Number of participations in a given category could be limited in order to promote diversity in the program.
  • Program will run for about 7 to 8 hours, your slot can be anywhere within the time frame.
  • Group programs will be given preference over solo programs.
  • Solo programs may be considered if they are of exceptional quality and final decision is at the discretion of the TAGB cultural committee.
  • Programs must be in Telugu language and the content must be clean and appropriate for a family friendly event.
  • Telugu language, culture and attire are strictly enforced.  No exceptions please.
  • Duration – For film dances, program length should not exceed 5 minutes and for innovative programs, length should not exceed 15 minutes. This is to accommodate more participants. TAGB, at its discretion, can waive this restriction to encourage programs of exceptional merit and relevance to Telugu language, culture, and customs. 
  • Please contact for any questions and concerns.
  • Audio /video files are required to be submitted when your program is accepted. Audio for dance programs must be in Telugu and/or Sanskrit.
  • Audio files must be in MP3 format.
  • If we receive repetitions for items/songs, we will request you to change your item and will give you time to send in another entry on a first come first serve basis
  • Participants can participate in multiple programs but separate entries are required for each program. You must give the participant’s full information, including age in the registration form.
  • Program entries must be received before the registration deadline. Any entries received after deadline may or may not be accommodated, depending on the length of the total program.
  • All performances must be confirmed by cultural committee. Please make payment only after you receive the confirmation. Cultural committee will send instructions for uploading the audio files.
  • Cultural committee tries to accommodate as many entries as possible to give as many participants as possible a chance to perform. Any program denied an opportunity is encouraged to resubmit their entry for the next TAGB event.
  • Please note that TAGB may close the Registration Process earlier than the stated deadline if all available time slots are filled. We strongly encourage you to submit your entries as soon as possible. 

The admission to TAGB event is free for members and for non-members the entry fee is $10.00 per person.