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TAGB Jaatar Dhamaal (Virtual Telugu Literary Show)

Participation Fee :
$10 Per Member
$15 Per Non-Member

Registration Start Date: Jul 18th, 2020

Registration End Date: Dec 31st, 2020

Event Date: Dec 31st, 2020

Event Time : 10:00 AM onwards

Venue : Online

TAGB is welcoming kids from Elementary to High School to participate in the gameshow.

Contest will be held in 4 levels:

Level 1 (Age below 8 years)

Level 2 (Ages 9 - 13 years)  

Level 3 (Ages 14 - 18 years)

Level 4 (19 and above)


Rules and Regulations:

  • Registration is now open for all age groups for the Gameshow.
  • Initial sessions will feature contestants from the youngest age group (below 8 years). 
  • We will announce the session dates soon for other age groups.
  • The date and time of the session for each participant will be communicated after we have enough registrations.
  • If we cannot accommodate you on the show (due to lack of available slots) we will return your payment


  • Each participant will be given few words or sentences in English to translate and use according to their age level.
  • Each contestant will introduce himself/herself (name, grade) before starting the show.
  • Not a lot of fluency or mastery of the language is needed. If you can speak and understand Telugu, then you are eligible.
  • There are no winners or losers, as this is NOT a competition, but more of a gameshow for the kids to have fun.
  • Parents should be in the room to provide technical support and address issues with zoom sessions but are requested not to help children answer questions. The idea is for the kids to speak freely and openly, as no one is judging their language skills.  
  • Each show will be recorded live on Zoom and then streamed later TAGB TV on a predetermined date and time. 
  • Contestants will be informed of the show recording day/time and the actual date on which it will be streamed to public, once the registrations for each group are in and we complete lineup and schedule recording sessions. 

If you have any questions regarding this gameshow, please feel free to reach us at: