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Dasara-Deepavali 2015

Participation Fee :

Group of 2 or 3 or more (if accepted) :

$10 per Member
$15 per Non-member

Solo (if accepted):

$25 for Member
$45 for Non-member

Registration Start Date: Sep 10th, 2015

Registration End Date: Oct 02nd, 2015

Event Date: Oct 24th, 2015

Event Time : 2:00 PM onwards

Venue : Nashua High School South,
36 Riverside Street,
Nashua, NH - 03602

We hope to see you all with family and friends at the event.

Guidelines for Cultural Participation:

1.      Programs comprising groups with themes reflecting the Telugu Culture and Tradition will be given priority.

2.      Song/s, costumes, dance steps and overall performance should be appropriate for family entertainment.

3.      To better accommodate, please keep us informed if you or one of your team members is participating in more than one program.

4.      Each Team lead can register only one program.

5.      Due to time constraint only 2 programs are allowed per choreographer.

6.      Sound Tracks for the all the programs should be in Telugu and they should be original sound tracks from Telugu Movies.

7.      All the Classical Singing/Dances should be in Telugu only.

8.      Time Slots: Skits 15 min. All other items 6 min, this will be enforced strictly.

9.      To avoid monotony we discourage the repetition of song/item in the event. So please provide the song(s) and item description to cultural committee at the earliest and provide a  sample video of your program atleast one week before the event to the committee.

10.  Cultural committee reserves the right to restrict the number of entries per category. Any item if qualified but not selected, will be given preference for the next TAGB event.

11.  Team lead is responsible to pay participation fees (online only) for all the team members.